SDIRC School Board Selects New Superintendent



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 November 18, 2019

SDIRC School Board Selects New Superintendent

Vero Beach, FL, November 18, 2019— On Saturday, November 16, 2019, the School Board of Indian River County selected Dr. David K. Moore, with a unanimous 5-0 vote, to serve as our new superintendent. Pending an additional, more extensive background check, and contract negotiations, Dr. Moore will begin working with our District on December 2, 2019.

Laura Zorc, SDIRC Board Chairman, said, “Get ready, Indian River County, because this school district is about to be transformed! We are honored to welcome Dr. David K. Moore to Indian River County. Dr. Moore is a proven transformational educational leader in his current role in Miami-Dade, with 68,000 students and 105 schools under his supervision. Under Dr. Moore’s leadership, all students will receive a world class 21st Century education. He will revolutionize the public education system here in Indian River County with his bold initiatives and futuristic thinking. I wholeheartedly believe in his vision that all Indian River County schools are capable of being an A school; we put behind us the mindset that mediocrity is good enough. We understand that no one student is alike, and as Dr. Moore says, ‘One size fits none.’ “

David K Moore, Superintendent SDIRC

Dr. Moore, stated, “I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to serve Indian River County as superintendent. I'm looking forward to working with the Board and the community, to ensure every student is provided with transformational impact.”


Dr. David K. Moore Biography

Dr. Moore currently serves as the Assistant Superintendent in Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS), the fourth largest school district in the nation. Since January 2014, Dr. Moore has led the Division of Academic Support (DAS), which encompasses the Education Transformation Office (ETO), Student Services, and the Office of School Improvement (OSI). Dr. Moore has been instrumental in redesigning each area under his supervision and has significantly contributed to M-DCPS becoming one of the nation’s highest performing urban school districts.

The ETO provides leadership and support for the district’s most fragile schools. Under Dr. Moore’s leadership, the ETO has experienced a reduction in the percent of schools supported by the office that have been identified as performing below a “C” from 83 percent in 2015 to just one percent in 2019. For the past three years, Dr. Moore has contributed to M-DCPS having zero schools with a designated school grade of “F.” Additionally, schools supported by the ETO have seen drastic improvements in students scoring proficient within all content areas.

Under Dr. Moore’s leadership, the division of Student Services has been transformed in order to enhance the quality of support provided to schools and students. He successfully developed and launched Values Matter Miami, a comprehensive values-based initiative that reinforces the district’s nine core values. Under the restructuring of Student Services, school-site counselors have been provided with job-embedded professional development addressing the needs of students’ social emotional learning within M-DCPS.

In order to enhance the quality of instruction for the 326 schools across Miami, Dr. Moore developed the Summer Synergy Institute. Synergy is a comprehensive problem-solving district-wide professional development for each school’s leadership team to build their capacity and accelerate student success. In 2018, Dr. Moore utilized the Synergy Summer Institute to launch a new and improved School Improvement Process that revolutionized school improvement initiatives by systematically aligning the needs of the school, while clearly defining the roles that all stakeholders play to achieve desired results.

Frustrated with the amount of time administrators spent collecting and analyzing data, Dr. Moore introduced PowerBI, a Microsoft business analytics solution that allows users the ability to visualize and customize data. As a result, principals can access data in one place allowing school leadership teams, as well as district staff, to organize and share data.

Prior to serving as the Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Moore served as an Administrative Director of the ETO, principal, assistant principal, counselor, and teacher. Dr. Moore is an expert in school turnaround and is widely recognized for his expertise. He was appointed as the principal of a large failing high school and was instrumental in moving the school to an “A” status in the state’s accountability system in two years.

Dr. Moore was recently inducted into the Miami-Dade College Alumni Hall of Fame for his work in education; supporting underrepresented students and ensuring post-secondary success. He is a lifelong resident of Miami, where he currently resides with his wife and two daughters.

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