Beachland Designated "School of Enrichment"



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March 28, 2019


Vero Beach, FL, March 28, 2019 – Beachland Elementary School has been designated as a “School of Enrichment” in our school district. Beachland Elementary will pilot a full-time enrichment program delivered in accelerated classes. This pilot program will include identified first and second grade students in 2019-2020 and expand to first through fourth grades in 2020-2021. Fifth grade students will be added to the program in 2021.

Students who participate in the enrichment program will receive extended lessons to meet their individual intellectual and creative needs. Robotics, real-world problem solving activities, and other outlets for intellectual curiosity will be a cornerstone of the enrichment classes. The goal of the program is to deliver seamless enrichment services to students through homeroom teachers who have completed the Gifted Endorsement. Currently, students are served by a Gifted Education teacher once a week, however, the new program will provide the advanced lessons daily. Beachland Elementary School already has a strong Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) focus, and this move to increased enrichment opportunities serves as a natural progression.

bes students working together

Dr. Colleen Lord, Principal at Beachland, stated, “The school’s mission is to increase student achievement for all students. Beachland continues to focus on STEAM, through working with community partnerships, such as the Vero Beach Museum of Art and The Learning Alliance. The new, expanded emphasis on enrichment will have an overall impact on the school community, providing additional experiences for all students.” 

 bes students with teacher

Teachers have been critical to the development process and planning the successful implementation of the enrichment program. The School Advisory Team, consisting of parents, teachers, non-instructional school staff, and community members, also provided input to help shape the vision of the program.

Mrs. Johnson, first grade teacher at Beachland, shared her thoughts on the change, “Enrichment benefits every student in several ways. When teachers are planning for enrichment activities, it will trickle down to the whole grade level. It is also a way to accelerate the curriculum and dive deeper into topics and concepts. There will be less repetition for those who are able to understand and apply the concepts.”

Beachland will continue serving in-zone students, as well as receiving students through school choice.

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