School District of Indian River County To Resume Normal Operations On Monday, September 18th

School District of Indian River County To Resume Normal Operations On Monday, September 18th
Posted on 09/12/2017

DATE: September 12, 2017

Cristen McMillan
Phone: 772-564-5527


The School District of Indian River County will reopen schools and resume normal operations on Monday September 18th. As of 2:30 pm today not all of our schools had electrical power. We also have concerns with flooding around schools and in many neighborhoods. Finally, we know that many families, including employees, are out of state and need additional time to return. With these concerns in mind, we will start back to work in a graduated fashion.

Wednesday, September 13th - Essential Personnel

All essential personnel will report to work and continue to prepare the facilities for operation.

Thursday, September 14th - District Office Resumes Operation

The JA Thompson Administrative Center will be fully operational and all personnel assigned to the facility should report to work.

Friday, September 15th - District-Wide Work Day

All district employees should report to work. We will use this day to prepare for students to return on Monday, September 18th. For example, teachers and teacher assistants can prepare classrooms and lessons. Bus drivers will be able to inspect their busses and drive all of their routes to make sure there are no safety concerns. Food service personnel will be able to assess inventory, and make preparations for the coming week.

Monday, September 18th - Resume normal operations

Students return to school and all associated activities will resume normal operations.

If an employee cannot report to work on one of the associated days listed above, they need to contact their supervisor to arrange leave.

This graduated schedule was designed to allow us to address any and all safety concerns and bring our readiness level back up to full strength before students return to school on Monday, September 18th.