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Department Contacts

Executive Assistant
   Lynn Justen

Contact Phone Position
Kimberly Copeman 772-564-3036 Director of Finance
Lynn Justen 772-564-3180 Executive Assistant 
Vacant 772-564-3177 Senior Accountant
Deb Heller 772-564-3047 Staff Accountant
Yarizel Cantu 772-564-3176 Staff Accountant
Alma Cavazos 772-564-3023 Fiscal Specialist I 
Kathleen Ritch 772-564-3068 Payroll Manager
Janet Frengel 772-564-3181 Payroll Junior Programmer
Carol Decosa 772-564-3194 Payroll Fiscal Specialist II
Katherine Heaton 772-564-3086 Accounts Payable Manager
Deborah Atwood 772-564-3095 Accounts Payable Fiscal Specialist I
Kerry Gorr 772-564-3115 Accounts Payable Fiscal Specialist I
Sabrina Lewis 772-564-3055 Accounts Payable Fiscal Specialist I