Health Assistant Hero of Hurricane Irma

Sherry Clark McFoley

Sherry Clark McFoley is being recognized by the School District for being a Hero of Hurricane Irma. Mrs. McFoley worked as the health assistant at the wave one pet friendly hurricane shelter at Liberty Magnet School. Many know Sherry Clark McFoley as the fulltime health assistant at Rosewood Magnet.

An Administrator at the shelter wrote, “Mrs. Sherry, as everyone calls her, was a blessing to all the people at the shelter that had any medical needs or just needed to talk with someone…. Mrs. Sherry was very busy throughout the storm. She helped people with small injuries, medication questions, comfort issues, bathroom issues, and just plain old stress and anxiety issues. Mrs. Sherry worked over the course of three days and was up and available at any time, day or night.”

Sherry McFolley was a hero to those that she cared for and tended to during Hurricane Irma. We appreciate and thank Mrs. Sherry for her hard work and dedication to our community!