Health Assistants

Health Assistants Contact List

The School District of Indian River County employs a Health Assistant for each school campus who works under the direction of a Registered Nurse. The Health Assistant works to serve the students’ health needs during school hours. Health room services include the following:

  • Health room access for illnesses occurring at school/ First aid for injuries
  • Assistance with medications
  • State mandated health screening

If your child has a special health need, it is best to discuss it with the Health Assistant on campus. An individualized health plan or emergency plan, developed by a Registered Nurse, may be needed.

The Health Assistants primary responsibility at the school is to take care of the students. Some of their other responsibilities include:

  • Teaching staff about student needs
  • Gathering health information on students
  • Calling parents
  • Updating health records for students
  • Making decisions in emergencies

The health rooms are not to be used for the treatments of illnesses/injuries that happened off school property. The Health Assistant cannot make a diagnosis or suggest that symptoms might be due to a certain disease. Please contact your healthcare provider to obtain a diagnosis for your child’s condition.

Department of Health/Contract Providers 

The Indian River County Health Department provides 3 Registered Nurses who work full-time and are currently assigned to various schools. They assist the district Health Services Coordinator and Assistant Health Services Coordinator with providing support to Health Assistants. Registered school nurses develop Individual Care Plans, and emergency action plans based on physician orders and with parent consultation for certain students.