SDIRC Announces and Celebrates FSA, EOC Exams, and Science Test Results

SDIRC Announces and Celebrates FSA, EOC Exams, and Science Test Results
Posted on 06/15/2018

DATE: June 15, 2018

Cristen McMillan
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SDIRC Announces and Celebrates FSA, EOC Exams, and Science Test Results

Vero Beach, FL, June 15, 2018—Individual Florida Standards Assessments, End-of-Course Exams, and Science Scores were released yesterday by the Florida Department of Education. The School District of Indian River County (SDIRC) is proud to recognize our students, teachers, and staff members for their hard work and dedication that made these achievements possible.

SDIRC Superintendent, Dr. Mark Rendell, stated, “We applaud the work of our teachers and students. A year’s worth of teaching and learning are not necessarily represented in these test scores, but they are the measure that the State uses. We do have reason to celebrate several areas of accomplishment. Overall, as a district, our scores improved in English Language Arts, Math, and Science. Some of the increases were significant. For example, both 5th Grade and 8th Grade Science saw increases of 6 points. Probably the most impressive was a 14-point increase in Algebra 1, which put us above the State average. Our Curriculum and Instruction Department focused on some of these areas and it has paid off.”

Shawn Frost, SDIRC School Board Chairman, added, “As a former science teacher and current employer in the STEM fields, I'm thrilled with the 6-point increase in our science scores. As a Board member and Chairman, I'm proud of the good work done by our teachers and the Curriculum and Instruction Department in supporting our teachers that were instrumental in achieving these gains. The financial support of the Board of science instruction and focus on mathematics is paying off. There's still room for improvement in the STEM fields, but we are moving the needle. Moving the test to the end of the year (as provided in HB7069) seems to have paid off by giving teachers more time to teach and students more time to learn. Congratulations are in order to Dr. Rendell, our teachers, and of course, our students and their supportive families.”

Notable highlights for Indian River County School District include:

• Across the district, proficiency increased in English Language Arts (ELA) by 1 percentage point, and in math by 3 percentage points in grades 3-8. In Algebra, districtwide proficiency increased 14 points from 49%-63%.

• District scores were above the State average in Grades 3-8 Math, 8th grade Science, Algebra 1, and US History.

English Language Arts

  • 3rd Grade: Citrus Elementary 46-50%; Dodgertown Elementary 31-33%; Fellsmere Elementary 35-50%; Indian River Academy 46-55%; Osceola Magnet 80-86%; Pelican Island Elementary 42-46%.
  • 4th Grade: Beachland Elementary 42-63%; Fellsmere Elementary 38-40%; Citrus Elementary 37-43%; Vero Beach Elementary 27-36%; Sebastian River Elementary 42-69%; Glendale Elementary 55-58%; Indian River Academy 49-55%; Liberty Magnet 74-77%.
  • 5th Grade: Osceola Magnet 64-70%; Pelican Island Elementary 45-52%; Citrus Elementary 46-50%; Dodgertown Elementary 34-38%; Vero Beach Elementary 27-30%; Sebastian River Elementary 46-48%; Glendale Elementary 40-45%; Liberty Magnet 61-72%; Treasure Coast Elementary 58-60%.
  • 6th Grade: Gifford Middle 43-50%; Oslo Middle 34-36%.
  • 8th Grade: Gifford Middle 53-66%; Sebastian River Middle 42-46%; Oslo Middle 42-50%.
  • 9th Grade: Sebastian River High 40-44%; Vero Beach High 47-51%


  • 3rd Grade: Rosewood Elementary 61-66%; Osceola Magnet 72-86%; Fellsmere Elementary 42-56%; Sebastian River Elementary 55-59%; Glendale Elementary 55-58%; Indian River Academy 41-49%;
  • 4th Grade: Beachland Elementary 42-59%; Fellsmere Elementary 38-54%; Citrus Elementary 39-53%; Sebastian Elementary 40-58%; Indian River Academy 52-59%; Treasure Coast Elementary 63-72%.
  • 5th Grade: Osceola Magnet 69-80%; Pelican Island Elementary 37-48%; Dodgertown Elementary 34-42%; Sebastian Elementary 47-51%; Glendale Elementary 46-53%; Indian River Academy 43-51%; Liberty Magnet 72-84%; Treasure Coast Elementary 59-73%
  • 6th Grade: Gifford Middle 44-56%; Oslo Middle 25-35%; Storm Grove 44-56%
  • 7th Grade: Oslo Middle 39-42%
  • 8th Grade: Gifford Middle 26-46%; Sebastian River Middle 38-44%; Oslo Middle 49-51%; Storm Grove 56-60%
  • Algebra: Across the district, proficiency increased 14 percentage points from 49-63%.
  • Geometry: Gifford Middle 97-100%; Sebastian River High School 49-55%; and Storm Grove maintained 100%


  • 5th Grade6 percentage points increase from 48-54%
  • 8th Grade: 6 percentage points increase from 47-53%
  • Biology: Across the district, proficiency increased 2 percentage points from 60-62%
  • Biology: Sebastian River High School increased 6 points

Social Studies

  • Civics: Sebastian River Middle School increased 4 percentage points from 65-69%
  • US History: Across the district, proficiency increased 1 percentage point
  • US History: Vero Beach High School increased 2 points